Bridging Finance

Our client was offered an Office Block in North London at a discounted price. The vendor urgently needed to sell. Our client did not have the funds to put down a deposit. Our lender agreed to finance 100% of the purchase price, as they lent on valuation and not the purchase cost. The client purchased the property within four weeks and re-sold it two months later making over £200k profit after fees and interest costs.

Development Finance

Mr E of St. Albans wanted to purchase 1/2 acre of land that had planning permission for four houses. The bank arranged finance of 100% of land and development costs. There was a substantial profit in this development. The lender saw this potential, and as the builder had previous experience the lender was happy to finance the whole amount. Our client was more than happy with the service he received. The lender took an active part in the process of completion and sale of properties.

Cashflow Solutions

A local printing company in Hertfordshire were owed several thousand pounds on 60 day payment term invoices. All other monies were tied up in their equipment and other assets. This was affecting their cashflow. We arranged for them to see a factoring company who released 90% of the invoice value immediately. Another lender also purchased their equipment and leased it back to them. This has since enabled them to expand and cash flow is now not a problem.

Property Finance

An existing customer based in Harrow saw an opportunity to purchase a residential buy to let block of flats. The client already had existing debt at other banks but did not have the deposit. One bank re-structured all his property loans releasing enough funds to make the purchase. He received a lower interest rate as well saving him over £60k over the term of the loan.

Mr B from Southall owned a freehold commercial property in the Midlands. His prime tenants were signed up on a 15 year lease. We assisted him to re-finance at 80% of the value, releasing him £400k to buy another property. He is also saving £16k per year re-financing on lower interest rate.

Leasehold Finance

Mr S saw the potential to purchase a cafe in the West End of London. It was leasehold so he was restricted on who would lend him the necessary finance. We found him a lender. He purchased the cafe and converted it into a restaurant. He is already reaping the benefits and has since come back to us to purchase another leasehold restaurant.

Personal Finance

Each week we assist clients who are locked into a fixed mortgage, but require funds to use as a deposit on another property, extend their house, clear existing debt or purchase a new car. To avoid breaking the mortgage we have arranged numerous second charged homeowner loans to help assist our client's raise extra cash without having to pay a penalty to their mortgage company.

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